Thursday, February 16, 2012

please,I'm scared..

hye darl..
hope everyone were in a good health and wealth
If you have more wealth, please give some to me..(auuch!)
I'm soo poor in public relation maybe..
but sometimes I can be perfect to somebody
and I can be the best enemy to you too
(all if u rely2 want make it happen,u may try to be a bulk dog to me)

Owh ya..due to the entry topic..
I'm scared girl..I'm scared..
By now, a good relation with someone doesn't give you
a ticket for happiness..
How many sincere you give, How many trustier u give,
Sometimes it just can be hopeless!
Maybe u can said 'nothing to fear nokss!they were so many boy outside there"
My answer should be like man said "I just want a nob girl only,no clubbies, no smokies, no sexies!"
Haahh!I want like that too men...
Are you a good men dear?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


janganlah memberi kalau hati tak ikhlas
janganlah menangis kalau tidak berusaha
janganlah memberi harapan kalau tidak mampu tunaikan